About Us


XL VCB Martial Arts Academy is a revolutionary studio dedicated to providing our clients with the upmost professional service. Our studio is the first studio of its kind in Peachtree City, teaching Capoeira (an Afro Brazilian Martial Art), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Eskrima (a Filipino Martial Art).

Affordable Classes

Our Academy offers affordable classes for the students. They can pay the year upfront or do month to month.  Just call or email us now to find out.

Personal Attention

We offer attentive instructions for all the art forms provided at our academy. we want to make sure that the client learns how to use the arts to protect themselves and their families.

Why Choose Us?

We dedicate ourselves to providing the up most attention to our students. Making sure they understand the arts and themselves within the art form. By doing that the student will develop confidence in themselves and able to protect themselves too. The by product of that is also developing their body to the best shape they can be!